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Caster Cleaner

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  • MaterialStainless
  • Standards/CertificateISO
  • Patents

[Daeshin MC Corp.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Are you having trouble to clean dirty caster wheels?

Caster Cleaner makes your caster's wheel so clean so that your environment/factory

 can be cleaned. It cleans all dirty, grease, oil, and soils etc on the wheel.

 As caster wheels are passing by caster cleaner, you will tell how the dirty wheels are cleaned almost by 4 times.


Caster Cleaner has three parts.

1. Caster Cleaner - Main Body Part

 cleans the wheels with water, brushes. If your environment use grease, oil, put some our detergent with water.

2. Water Removal System.

 removes all dirty, water, other contaminants 99% on the wheels with sponge rollers.

3. Water Recycling System.

 has recycling system box, 1st and 2nd fiilters.

So, you dont need to refill the water everytime when the water gets dirty.

It recycles the water via filters. its very efficient.!!


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Caster Cleaner

Caster Cleaner

Caster Cleaner